Secure Internet with Arkspot

Arkspot is a security product developed for monitoring, logging and controlling your wired/wireless internet access service in your business. You can control and manage all your connection traffic.

You can benefit from many features such as SMS verification, DNS Filtering, etc.

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Wifi Access Panel

You can extend the internet access of your guests for as long as you want, cancel the access instantly, reopen the canceled access and log the person's activities. You can also see the properties of the device being connected persons.

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Filtering System

With DNS Filtering feature, access to web pages regardless of http and https is filtered during DNS query, and access to fake, harmful or inappropriate web pages is blocked at DNS level.

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Easy of Use

With the advanced logging system, every transaction made by the panel manager is logged and the transactions can be easily tracked. In this way, you will be in control of not only the people connecting to your guest internet line, but also all the transactions made on the panel.


Password login via SMS

Arkspot allows you to automate your internet access by sending the Internet Access Password to the mobile phones of the users connected to your network.

DNS Filtering

With this feature offered by our product, access to web pages regardless of http or https is filtered during DNS query, and access to fake, harmful or inappropriate web pages is blocked at the DNS level.


Along with this feature, it is a new generation feature that allows the use of the same IP address block in corporate structures that have infinite locations and need to provide guest access services at each location. In summary, branches in different locations can use the same LAN IP address block. In this way, it becomes easier to manage, log and track N remote branches. For example, instead of writing N rules for N zones on the firewall, all locations can be managed/monitored centrally by writing a single rule.

DHCP Forcing

With this feature, users who are connected to the guest network can be prevented from using the system by giving a static IP address. In summary, internet access is provided to users who obtain an IP address from the Arkspot device.

Central Viewing

With this feature, you can monitoring all users in multiple locations from a single point.

Central Management

With this feature, it is possible to filter http-based web requests. With the different filtering options it offers, it is possible to control the words in the content of a web page. Logging and reporting of users' blocking and access movements are carried out.

Full Backup

Arkspot Product has a redundancy architecture that can operate as Active/Active. In mesh topologies, it can back up the user information it keeps on all other Arkspot products in different geographical locations. In this way, data loss becomes almost impossible.

Full Integration

Arkspot product has the infrastructure to integrate with other active devices (firewall, WLC, Switch, Load Blancer, etc.) in the institution. In this way, it can exchange data with other active devices in your network. It can even send/make configurations to your other active devices.


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